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Someone has accessed my account


We recently returned the Now TV 4K box to Argos as it was not suitable for us (cannot connect the ariel cable to it anymore to watch freeview TV). However, I am concerned that someone has now purchased this and we are still logged on through it as someone has been using the kids and sports pass (we do not use this) and when we spoke with NOW TV online to get a refund was advised that we had been watching it in the middle of the night (which we had not). 

I have gone to manage devices and seen that there were two TV box devices logged in, both used yesterday. I have removed both with the hope that whoever is accessing our account has to log in again, however, when I have gone to log into my own box this morning after removing the device it has not asked me to. It is also now not showing on my devices either through my account. Does this meant that the other person using our box will still be able to access it and how to I get them to stop?

I have also now set up a payment pin so they cannot order anymore passes, however, will still be able to keep watching ours that we are paying for. Online chat were really not helpful, and I am finding this very frustrating. 

Any help would be appreciated! 

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Re: Someone has accessed my account

@Louis91 Since they have access to your account, might I suggest that you also change your password? Also, if possible, fill all available slots in your device list so that they can’t just add their own device back in.

Salutary life lesson here - if returning a device to the shop always do factory reset first. 

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