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Smart Stick and Devolo HomePlug : no internet connection

I have just bougth a NowTV SmartStick but cant get a connection.


I have a Virgin Media Superhub 3 with the wifi disabled.  I then take a wired connection over two Devolo homeplugs the second of which provides wifi.


I've read up as much as I can so have disabled network ping but that makes no difference.


The only way I can connect the SmartStick is by setting up a Guest Network on the Virgin router.  However, I dont want to do this as I have deliberately disabled the wifi from the router for reasons I wont bore you with.


Initially, when I tried to connect to the Devolo wifi, I couldnt even get a wireless connection.  Having read another post, I split out the 2.4 & 5 GHz bands - I can now connect to the wireless but it fails to find an internet connection.  (obviously, I can connect other devices such as my phone to the Devolo so know the wifi is working.)


Any ideas or do I need to send it back and get a box which I can connect to with a cable?  Thanks


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