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Rewinding and FF causes NOW TV Box to freeze, also affecting Samsung app

@Lindzi has been experiencing the following issue since December 2017


taken from original thread


Affecting NOW TV Box (wifi) v4.4.353 (was also affecting v3.12.132) and Samsung app (Ethernet via Powerline). LG TV app (Ethernet via Powerline) behaves fine. Virgin ISP. 


13/12/17 If I rewind anything when I try to play the programme I get the colour balls of doom - have to exit app and go back to the episode. It then plays from a random point, not where it stopped

If I fast forward credits to get to the end of a programme - above mentioned happens again.


24/1/18 Both black box and samsung app still will not play a programme after using forward or rewind and will sit with the colour balls swirling around. When I ff credits the same thing happens and it doesn't return to the thumbnails.


if I rewind/forward anything I have to exit and go back in - colour balls of doom and will not play until I do this.


End credits it will forward to the end but then just sits there black screen with the time bar across the bottom soooo exit and then back in.....then it will not recognise that it finished the programme and will have 5 mins (or so) showing left to play in continue watching, so back in that prog ff it again and then it sorts itself.



 @Karl-F @Mary-E @Tony-D would one of you be kind enough to pass this on to be looked at further, or advise @Lindzi what she needs to do to make sure it will be escalated. Thanks.


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Rewinding and FF causes NOW TV Box to freeze, also affecting Samsung app

Hi @Lindzi


I'm sorry for the issues you have encountered, and for the delay in getting back to you regarding this issue. 


We're aware of this issue and we have been able to replicate this here. It's currently sitting with our teams and we're just waiting to push out an update. 


Unfortunately we don't have a date set in stone for when this update may be available. 


I apologise again for any inconvenience this has caused. 





Re: Rewinding and FF causes NOW TV Box to freeze, also affecting Samsung app

Thank you for coming back to me @Karl-F it is much appreciated. Feel better that it is not just me and that you guys know about the problem 🙂

thank you @Andy for helping me get noticed too!