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Re: Sky Accessories?! For NOW TV

Ok, so I have had the worst customer experience ever and still no conclusion! Ordered a replacement NOW TV remote from the sky accessories ( website in December and it never arrived.

Rang sky (as there is NO contact phone number or email for sky accessories) and they said I have no sky account so I need to contact NOW TV. I rang NOW Tv and they told me to complain and do a web chat on the website. Did this twice and the agent ended the chat as they didn’t know the answer but told me to contact sky.

Rang sky again and got passed through no less than 5 different agents who claimed they were passing me to sky accessories but it just kept returning to the same call centre THEN I was told that sky accessories are separate to both NOW TV and sky, even though they sell goods for both and you can order through!

So I have no refund, no remote, no working NOW TV box, no patience remaining and absolutely no chance of ever subscribing to sky after today.

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Re: Sky Accessories?! For NOW TV

It is less hassle to get a new box/stick than getting a new remote.  I had similar with Roku and in the end just used a new Now TV box whose remote is fully compatible.  As I have often got the boxes/sticks on sale with vouchers, I think I have every model of remote at least half a dozen times.  Should set my own accessories site...