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Quiet... LOUD... Quiet... LOUD

I've tried six movies (from varying decades) and had the same problem:


Dialogue is... very quiet

Sound effects are... VERY LOUD


I had to give up on each film. Dialogue is so quiet I'm turning up the volume, effects are so loud I'm rushing to turn it down seconds later. Then of course it needs turning up again...


I've not had this problem with any other TV source (Internal tuner, VHS, DVD, SKY box, EETV box, casting from my phone).


Does anyone have the same problem with their NowTV Black Box? Does anyone have a suggestion?



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Andy Legend 5
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Re: Quiet... LOUD... Quiet... LOUD



Welcome to the forum. Sound quality on any NOW TV film isn't  great, but I've not noticed unusual discrepancies between dialogue and sound effects. Have you got any example movies and time stamps to demonstrate? Are you listening through TV speakers or via a sound bar or amp?


For starters try a  forced software update to see if it helps.
Press Home on the remote to take you to the home screen. Then do the following sequence on your remote quickly and smoothly
Home (x5) FF (x3) REW (x2)
If done correctly a Secret Screen will appear (if it doesn't, press Home to go back to the start and then try again). Choose Update software and allow it to run (even if it reports the same version as you already have).

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schnapps Legend 3
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Re: Quiet... LOUD... Quiet... LOUD

Hi @Jimbonius


This is not really a fix as such, but some TV's have a feature in their sound menu settings called something like Night Mode or Dynamic Sound Reduction where they boost the speech and reduce the sound effects for late night viewing.


Might be worth trying in the short term if your TV supports the above feature.

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Re: Quiet... LOUD... Quiet... LOUD

I have had the same problem with Now tv and Netflix through our talktalk youview box. 
I've tried changing the sound on our Samsung tv to 'clear voice' and it made no difference
but today I was watching Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and it was really bad, I was
constantly turning it right up to 50 then down to 5. I thought to try playing about
with the equaliser on the 'custom' setting. I have 5 equaliser settings - 100hz, 300hz,
1khz, 3khz and 10khz, and they're all set at 50% as standard. I found that turning down
300hz to about 25%, 1khz to about 40% and 3khz up to 60% made such a difference and I
haven't had to turn the volume down or up very much since. It's not perfect but it's
really helped a lot.
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