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Now TV App very different too Now to TV Box?

I Have been using a Now TV box and it has been fine.  I have just got a Smart Tv with App already installed so dont have my box connected.  When I go into the App it looks totally different to the box, no my account, no where to sign in, no sign of  how to purchase passes etc, it just looks so different. Can anyone help me please to figure out what I need to do?

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Re: Now TV App not all that different from NowTV Box?

Hi @Johna1 


Here’s what I see when I start my Stick and choose Home:-



and here’s what I see when I start the NowTV APP on my Samsung TV. Pretty much the same, except that the second item, The Politician, a Netflix show is gone, as is the third row down, My Apps. But the Watchlist row is next on both, and pretty much the same, as are the next five, all-NowTV, rows not all shown in the screenshots):-




but where there is nothing after these rows on the Stick, on the TV App, there is an extra row:-




and all the things you thought were missing, or you couldn’t find, are on that row.


When in doubt, scroll down!



Sorry all the pictures are sideways, by the way. They were upright when I took them 🙃

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