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Elite 3

New power settings on updated app

A question (grumble/rant) to those that worked on the new update to the service.


What's going on with the power settings for stand alone NowTv devices?


Previous iterations of the app have powered down the box after 10 minutes of inactivity (as long as you were in the menu screen) resulting in the power light going out. Now the box seems to be permanently on and only goes to sleep after 4 hours (the only option you can select in the settings).


Also, just switching on my television forces the box to start up from its long awaited sleep and switch the TV's input to the box, regardless if I want to use it or not.


I appreciate that as a single device the power consumption is low (the best resource I can find shows it's about 3.5 watts streaming and 2 watts idle) but collectively (how many devices are there in the UK - 200,000? 500,000?) that is an enormous amount of energy when we are in an age of not wasting energy and contributing to needless co2 omissions. 


Sky claim that they are reducing carbon emissions as a company to zero by 2030 "To get there, we’ll cut the carbon emissions created by our business, by our suppliers across the world and by the use of our tech products, by at least 50%" but the latest update seems to counter that statement by increasing needless energy consumption.

@Karl-F @Simon-J can this be fed back to the development team for an answer?

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@schnapps @Simon-j I can confirm that the powering issue is not fixed on the freeview box 

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🙁 Oh well I suppose I’ll have to put up with it

thank you for coming back to me

Elite 3

@Anonymous User I have 2 older black NowTV boxes and both now switch off after 20 minutes providing that I've exited to a menu page.


When they weren't switching off, I stuck some electrical tape over the light on the box in the bedroom!

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I’ve tried the 20 minute thing and seems to be working so I hope it continues