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Scholar 2

Flickering On Now TV Home Page At Startup

For about a week now i have found that taking the black box out of standby produces the usual messages about getting homepage ready etc which are all shown ok. But when the  homepage appears it flickers for several seconds. Items on the page can still be accessed  for example other apps with no flicker. If I leave the homepage flickering it gets worse but then goes away. Anyone experiencing similar ?

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Elite 3

@Michael8888 I have 2 black boxes and no such problems on either. It may be an hdmi issue. Try a different hdmi cable and/or port on your TV. 

Scholar 2

I have swapped the HDMI cable with another, same problem.


I do have some other black boxes not previously used which I could try which would sort out whether it is a box or tv problem.


I have also recently purchased another streaming device that supports more channels . I bought this device to use with a smaller tv but may resort to trying it with the problem tv if neccessary.

You may wonder why I didn't try the new black box first but its a question of making a note of my existing box settings to transfer to the new etc.



yes i also have flickering on the now tv home screen