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Dolby 5.1 with Sonos Beam via Samsung TV



I have got myself a shiny new 4K Now TV box. I have it all set up and my account has boost. It is connected via HDMI to my Samsung smart TV, which is then connected via optical output to a Sonos Beam & surround speakers. 


I get 5.1 audio when I use the native smart TV apps, but through the Now TV box I just get stereo (as reported by my Sonos app). I have changed all the settings imaginable, but I cannot find how to force the Now TV box to output Dolby Digital 5.1 only. If I set to output to auto then DD 5.1 & DTS are detected, but the Sonos Beam does not decode DTS. Therefore, the only way to get any sound is to set the TV to PCM. I had hoped that switching to a box would solve some of the issues I have with connection - which it does, but at the expense of DD 5.1 sound.


NB - in the Netflix app on the Now TV box there is no indication of 5.1 sound where it is definitely flagged in the TV's native app (when looking at titles).


Any insight/suggestion would be appreciated.


The same happens if I connect the Sonos Beam via HDMI (ARC), but I need the HDMI input, which is why I am using an optical out connection.

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Just realised I posted in the wrong place. Should be in the smart box forum.


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