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Crashing constantly

New black now tv box crashes all the time not broadband problem
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Re: Crashing constantly

Hi and welcome to the forum,


In the interest in collecting information: -
What's your NOW TV playback devices 'software' version and NOW TV 'app' version?
How is your NOW TV playback device connected to the internet. Is it via a wired or wireless (WiFi) ethernet connection?

Sufficed to say, the more detailed information you are able to provide, the easier it will be for the NOW TV developers to work out a solution!



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Re: Crashing constantly

Hi @Loupi


Thanks for your message.


Can you also tell us if you have tried any troubleshooting steps so far? Also. are you able to use NOW TV on any other devices?




Re: Crashing constantly

Thanks for responses, turns out all I required was a sledge hammer, problem is now solved. 

Only thing is I now have no idea whats going on in any of the shows I (used to) watch. 😂

Only joking, problem seems to have sorted itself out. 👍

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