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I’ve been trying to cancel my box for ages but aren’t getting through to anyone. I’ve only managed to cancel my packages through the app and not my actual not tv itself. I am not using it, it’s been unplugged for 3/4 months as we moved to virgin. I am still being charged £35 a month for the now tv broadband that obviously I’m not using. How do I cancel and can I get a refund?

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Hi @Anonymous User 


Because you mentioned NowTV Broadband, then use this link page below where there is a telephone to call. 


With regards to switching from NowTV Broadband to Virgin Media you needed to contact NowTV about the switch over which isn't done automatically in terms of cancelling your existing service (not like switching to another ISP provider who uses the BT telephone line infrastructure).


There is some information about it in this link article below. 


You need to let us know if…

  • You’re switching to Virgin Media’s cable service or to full fibre broadband (also known as Fibre to the Premises, or FTTP), and don’t want to take your phone number with you.
  • We’ve told you that you can leave your contract early without any charges. You can let us know either before or after you've placed an order with your new provider.

If either of these cases apply to you, get in touch by phone or Live Chat to cancel your broadband and calls.

You don’t need to speak to us if…

You’re switching your broadband and calls to any provider except Virgin Media cable service or to full fibre broadband.

In this case, you can simply place your order with your new provider without contacting us.