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Hello I was just wondering , I’ve just had my now tv hub box delivered but it says it won’t go live till the 13th , why is that because I don’t need any engeneer out , so if I have the hub box already why can’t I just have my broadband activated now ? 

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Did you have a previous internet service provider at the property, if so who was it, and what package?

 Also you have posted this in the Now TV Box ( black) this refers to the Now TV branded video streaming device, and not the broadband service


Hello I’ve just moved into my house and I’ve already ordered everything , I’ve just had my now tv Hub box delivered today and my broadband goes live it says on the 13th , so what I’m trying to say is why can’t I just have my Wi-Fi activated now cas I already have my now tv hub box ?

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The go live date will be set by Openreach. Even if they do not have to visit your home, they have to do the switching behind the scenes to get you connected to your NOW service. 

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The good news is that if you plug it all in, the Wifi will activate and work right away and you will be able to connect wifi devices to the router .

 The bad news is that you will not be able to get an internet connection over that wifi network until the line has been activated.

 Heres what i would do in your situation , and assuming there is no internet connection to the property:

 Plug the Now router in and set it up, you will not be able to use it to access the internet but you can use it to connect your devices up to the router ( wifi SSID name/password)

 When it goes live the router should connect and from that point you should have full internet access


The wait time is usually down to the fact that to connect a property there is some physical work involved