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BT Sport (and BTSport Box Office)

Hi all

Any news on whether NowTV boxes will have BT Sport as a channel we can buy passes for?

Even more optimistically, but what about BT Sport Box Office?  Major boxing fight this weekend which would have been great to have watched.

Also - have the forums changed or something?  I'm finding it harder to navigate and wondering if i'm doing something wrong. Where are all the different areas (like 'sport' etc).

Any info would be great.


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Re: BT Sport (and BTSport Box Office)

@BobDylan1966 I doubt BT sport will appear in near future. As for forums, yes they have unfortunately changed.  

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Re: BT Sport (and BTSport Box Office)

I think BT sport will be available as an app in early 2019. As far as I'm aware no firm date has been given yet.



Re: BT Sport (and BTSport Box Office)

Hi I heard NowTv or well Sky have struck a deal with BT sport. So the app will be available from next year.

It's not really good enough thou!.How many years have BT sport have been so difficult to access. How come they were able to do a free weekend on freeview, but not able to access it as a PPV??. Don't they want custom!. 

Who misses Sky owning all the rights, to all football competitions?!


Re: BT Sport (and BTSport Box Office)

 I would also love for now TV to have BT sports box office so we can pay a fee to watch the boxing  but that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen I wish it would 


Re: BT Sport (and BTSport Box Office)

Yes it is not good enough I wanted it for the big bash 

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Re: BT Sport (and BTSport Box Office)

It was expected in Early 2019, don't know how they define early 2019 now..

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