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BBC iPlayer not working ?

I can't get the BBC iPlayer to stream anything ?  Particularly annoying as I wanted to watch Glastonbury channel !  Anyone else with this issue ??

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We are having the same issue as of first thing yesterday morning. Menu loads but programmes do not stream then you get an error message. This issue is occurring on both our black now tv boxes and a now tv stick and across all BBC content.


Seems to coincide with the Glastonbury channel launch?


(This appears to be a Now TV issue. The Iplayer app is still working on ipad, iphone and so able to stream it through chromecast, but would like to know when this will be fixed!) 


This issue is under investigation by the BBC:


Mine started working again last night, (Roku box) it's reverted to the old design so they've maybe rolled back the update of a few weeks ago. 


I found mine not working last night and I resolved it by restarting my Nowtv box.

I did it through the device menu, but you could also just power it on and off.

Settings -> System -> Power -> System Restart -> Restart


@Gleeky Thank you for the link to the BBC update - I've checked for a software update and there isn't one available for my device yet.


Unfortunately, whilst iPlayer is now working for me, the videos in the BBC News app still aren't (they weren't last night either).

Scholar 2

Same problem here, and ITV Hub still not working.

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Yes.  Seems to be a problem with the iPlayer app. Just updated as below and now working again. Glastonbury awaits !

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My BBC Iplayer is not streaming since last 3 weeks ago.  Now TV had already time to fix this. What can i do?