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stick is crap

Just got my now to be stick today, it is getting very hot far too quick and keeps saying no connection.  Even though when I check connection it says excellent.  I try to load a program and it just shows the loading dots then says no network connection.  I have tried all the trouble shooting and getting very frustrated. What a waste of money. Any ideas would be great.


I have moved the router did everything 

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Also I have a fire stick,  which has zero issues streaming

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You could try placing the stick in a seal proof freezer bag and storing in the fridge prior to using on each occasion.  Doing this should keep the temperature down




Gotta watch those seals.....



Please note that I am just a customer like you, and my advice may well be worth no more than exactly what you paid for it.
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From what you said, i gather that you've probably already done this, but just in case...i noticed my stick was far too hot, so i plugged it into an extension cable and have it underneath the tv on the cold-ish glass stand away from heat of the tv and other gadgets. It still gets hot, but not too hot to stop it working. Had the same probably with the Amazon fire stick too and did the same with that. There are stickers you can buy on Amazon, that you erm stick on the stick, that are supposed to reduce heat but i've never tried them so don't know if they work or not. 


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Hi Guys


I'm not a stick user myself but I am no stranger to small electrical devices getting too hot to work. My solution is quite simple, get a smallish desk fan and have it constantly blow air across your over heating device.  If you do this simple action correctly, e.g. extend your stick away from your TV then have your fan blow air on it, your you will find that your stick should remain cool.


One other thing to bear in mind, the bigger the fan the cooler the device will remain.



UK Bob