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remote not pairing

When I first got the Nowtv stick I connected it to my first TV the remote paired but it wasn't able to control the volume or the power button but everything else worked fine but on another TV it was able to control the volume and power. Recently on my first TV the remote isn't connecting at all it just had a loading screen and the WiFi wasn't connecting as well so I reset the stick and it does the same thing i press the pairing the light flashes but nothing seems to happen i'm not able to press the language or connect to the WiFi. So i tried it in the other TV but it seems to work and i'm able to pair it and connect to the WiFi so then i tried to put the stick back in the main TV again and its doing the same thing even if i reset the stick again it just has a NOW loading screen and the remote just flashes.

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With regards to remote not connecting on the TV that is currently not working on, can you swap back to the other television and then on your Router try a different wifi channel.


if your Router is dual band then try both the 2.4ghz & 5ghz networks on the Stick, then swap back to the other television that the Stick is not working on, where it sounds like a wifi problem to me when using the television that doesn't currently work on the Stick and can't communicate over wifi.


The On / Off standby and volume buttons, doesn't work on all brand televisions.


If you can get the Stick working again on your television that doesn't currently work with the Stick, then have you tried going into the Stick menu settings under control remote for television and gone through each code a step at a time during the setup wizard.


Out of curiosity what is the make of the television, where certain low end or supermarket televisions there may be a different brand name you can try, where certain brands are out sourced by another manufacturer with a different badge on it.