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now tv stopped working on roku

Now tv updated a day or two ago and has stopped working on roku. I've reinstalled app and it doesn't appear anymore

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Just seen the same issue with my Roku. I have two Roku Express boxes and NOW TV has gone from both. Tried resetting Roku, Rest Wifi, tried reinstalling NOW but constantly get Can'r run channel. 


Everything was working fine uptill a few hours ago and now it is simply unavailable. 


All other apps work fine it's just NOW TV that is the issue. 


Can't see any notifications on NOW website of any issues.


Solution anyone/NOW TV?



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@Anonymous User @Anonymous User 


It seems be affecting quite a few Roku users since the App update. NowTV have been informed and are looking in to it…

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It's down to this issue, it's affecting all those using the "non NOW branded" Roku devices

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Is there a solution to the NOW created problem ?


hi I just went on live chat with Now who said there is an issue with loading the app on Roku after the app has been updated - they asked for my Roku software version and model and said they would get back to me - there is an issue with the graphics that Now is apparently aware of (& I hope trying to fix!) Thanks- maybe try the same 

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I have the same problem. It simply states 'cant' connect to NowTV'. 


I had a webchat with support yesterday. They took the serial number and  Roku model number. The recommendation was to factory reset my Roku device. Against my better judgement, I followed the advice - ***spoiler*** it didn't work and I've just wasted an hour setting up all my apps again. 


Complete shambles. 


Just happened to me too, if I click on the channel it just takes me the main homescreen, won't load at all. Its fine on ipad just the roku stick. I was advice to do 2 factory resets and a forced software update.... sigh... now have to reset everything. All other channels working fine. Was told I would get an email in 48 hours. 


@hellsbelles  @Anonymous User 



You know, I have a tendency not to take some of Now TV's technical advice because I get the distinct feeling that when they mess up their roll outs, which seems to becoming more frequent, they will tell you the customer anything the get you "out of their proverbial hair".  For example, do a reset, factory reset, clear your browser cache, delete and re-install, etc., which are all a waste of your time, but it keeps you quiet for a  bit.

I still use a Roku 3, but I intend not to use it for Now TV until THEY have this problem sorted.



UK Bob

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Yep, they've broken it on my Roku too.  The Now app works fine on Android devices, and every other app works fine on the Roku; just the Now app on Roku is a broken pile of crap since they rebranded.


I'm fully up to date with the app (just checked) but all I get is "Sorry, Now is unavailable.  Please try again later".  No way I'm doing a factory reset for one broken app.


As for web chat with Now support?  Ha, chance would be a fine thing - the web site just tells web chat isn't available right now.


Completely unacceptable given the amount of money they charge for this "service".