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Activating your NOW TV Stick

If you're lucky enough to receive a NOW TV Stick for Christmas, you can find out how to set it up and activate it by watching this video below:    [video]   If you've received a paper voucher in your box, you can watch this video below to find out ho...

Karl-F by Community Manager
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Netflix on your NOW TV Smart Box or Stick!

Netflix is now available for NOW TV Customers to download through select NOW TV Devices.  What NOW TV Devices I hear you ask? Please see below: NOW TV Box (Black)NOW TV Smart StickNOW TV Smart Box with 4k & Voice SearchNOW TV Smart Box with HD & Free...

Karl-F by Community Manager
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Here is your quick list of FAQs that link to our help site to provide you with all the information you need on your NOW TV Stick.   How does the NOW TV Smart Stick compare with the NOW TV Box? Have a look at our help article here where you can compar...

Simon-J by Community Manager
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Now TV Stick Unresponsive

Just posting this as an FYI in the event it helps other out. Recently, my NOW TV Stick became unresponsive.  I tried lots of different things.  Complete reset; new batteries in the remote etc.  I swapped it for another stick I have in a different roo...

Tv stick won’t let me sign in

I have been using my stick fine even after replacing my tv. suddenly I keep getting the message “we couldn’t log you in right now, please try again later”ive reset the device twice still nothing. 

Stick and remote not syncing

   I’m having trouble working my stick. It’s on but the control isn’t syncing to the stick, tried help online but nothing seems to work . Have also changed the batteries. The remote is on as has the green button flashing inside remote.

Unable to open NOW app on my Now TV stick

Hi, When I open apps on my NOW TV stick, all the apps work except the one for Now itself. Every time I open it, it crashes. This also happens when I choose the "my tv" option on the remote.I've tried rebooting everything and even resetting it to fact...

Unable to login

Seems there is a widespread issue with login error message appearing so unable to access content. As per search on Would appear to be IP issue as can login on mobile over 4G but not over wifi on any device. Hope it’s sorted soon....

no power to now tv stick .

hi all. i brought a smart now tv stick around 10 months ago from Asda. had no issues using it untill yesterday when it just stopped working. no light showing on the stick but the green light in the remote control is flashing green. the stick is plugg...

NowTv stick problems

I've had a now TV stick since September last year with no problems. This week I've had problems where the home screen will not show. I get the menu headers down the left hand side of the screen but when I select something nothing happens. I've done a...

Now TV Stick Freezes when buffering

I have an excellent WIFI signal and my internet is Virgin Media 50Mbps, this is a consistent speed. Every now and then the stream appears to buffer and then FREEZES so I have to reboot NOW TV STICK. This happens with both my TV Stcks and on 2 seperat...

Unable to log in on TV

MY TV won’t log in. When I press sign in it just keeps saying “ oops something went wrong, please try again later”  its been like this for two days I have reset my factory settings, updated the system and nothing. I can’t watch anything as it asks me...