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Activating your NOW TV Stick

If you're lucky enough to receive a NOW TV Stick for Christmas, you can find out how to set it up and activate it by watching this video below:    [video]   If you've received a paper voucher in your box, you can watch this video below to find out ho...

Karl-F by Community Manager
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Netflix on your NOW TV Smart Box or Stick!

Netflix is now available for NOW TV Customers to download through select NOW TV Devices.  What NOW TV Devices I hear you ask? Please see below: NOW TV Box (Black)NOW TV Smart StickNOW TV Smart Box with 4k & Voice SearchNOW TV Smart Box with HD & Free...

Karl-F by Community Manager
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Here is your quick list of FAQs that link to our help site to provide you with all the information you need on your NOW TV Stick.   How does the NOW TV Smart Stick compare with the NOW TV Box? Have a look at our help article here where you can compar...

Simon-J by Community Manager
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Stick won't turn on

Hey,So I've got a stick now instead of a box and I'm having problems getting the thing to switch on.When I turn my tv on and switch to the correct HDMI input, I just get a 'no input' box bouncing about the place. I've tried pressing different buttons...

Resolved! Setting up a second NOW TV stick

I have a NOW TV stick on my main TV with an active one month sports pass (which has the option to be continued for a further 2 months at the same reduced price).If I purchase a second NOW TV stick (with free one month pass included) to use on a secon...

Smart Stick will not connect to network

I have a smart tv which is connected fine to my network as was the NOW TV stick up until a week or so ago. It finds my network with at least 4 bars of signal but once I enter my password it says “unable to connect to wireless account” I have tried ev...

New black stick stuck after software update

Just received a new TV stick and after setup is says installing updated and reboot, but after reboot, it is stuck in now tv splash screen, I have left it for a few hours but no change.  Contacted support team and they were no help at all!

Boost pass £3

I've been charged £3 for boost pass 30th September and I'm getting charged again this month for it but don't know what it is. How do I cancel and get refund?

Smart Stick Bundled Passes

Hi, Apologies if this has been asked before but I am struggling to find answers. I have decided to upgrade my box with a stick, partly due to the age of the box and partly due to the attraction of being able to power it from a USB port. The box has a...

now tv broadband speed

hi was thinking of switching broadband to now tv mainly use for watching now tv on usb stick and surfing the internet what speed would be recommend for watching now tv in good quality so picture is good and doesn't break up cheers im the only user so...

Resolved! Problems activating Now tv Smart Stick

Hi. I'm having issues trying to activate my smart stick.I got to the point where I entered the on screen code into my now tv account on my computer and now all I'm getting on the tv is "oops something went wrong. There's a problem loading the next pa...

Now TV won't work on Bush TV

Got the stick recently, works on Office TV but doesn't work on my BUSH tv at home. Tried both HDMI ports and it just says no signal on the screen. Any help would appreciated!