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Activating your NOW TV Stick

If you're lucky enough to receive a NOW TV Stick for Christmas, you can find out how to set it up and activate it by watching this video below:    [video]   If you've received a paper voucher in your box, you can watch this video below to find out ho...

Karl-F by Community Manager
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Netflix on your NOW TV Smart Box or Stick!

Netflix is now available for NOW TV Customers to download through select NOW TV Devices.  What NOW TV Devices I hear you ask? Please see below: NOW TV Box (Black)NOW TV Smart StickNOW TV Smart Box with 4k & Voice SearchNOW TV Smart Box with HD & Free...

Karl-F by Community Manager
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Here is your quick list of FAQs that link to our help site to provide you with all the information you need on your NOW TV Stick.   How does the NOW TV Smart Stick compare with the NOW TV Box? Have a look at our help article here where you can compar...

Simon-J by Community Manager
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Tv Licence

Hi, we’re about to cancel our TV licence due to only using YouTube, catchup etc. I have removed iplayer from my favourite apps, but I can’t remove it fully and I can’t remove the option to watch live tv. Is there a firmware update I can apply to our ...

Matt_ by Advocate
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Can i put a password on my 4 year old has bought 2 passes now that i dont want and have had to cancel

Now TV and TV Licence

Hi,This is a query / suggestion for anyone like me who pays for a TV licence and doesn't actually need one.I don't use iPlayer, or any of the other similar services for itv / channel 4 etc. I only use the NowTV app, and I only ever watch either movie...

Not saving my place

Hi when I’m watching a programme my now tv stick isn’t saving where I have got up to in the programme if I don’t get to the end. I have tried updating software but it’s still not saving my place

Stick Ordered Twice due to Black Friday Payment Error

I ordered a NOW TV stick and pass in the Black Friday deal and when payment took place I got a message in red text saying it had not been processed.  I went through with the order a second time and it said it was sucessfull.  When email confirmation ...

Now TV Stick - charging point

More of a suggestion for the NOW TV Stick people...... The charging port on the stick is at the back and my tv is on the wall so there is no room for it to be connected. Problem with the HDMI location that won't affect everyone but would be worth con...

smart stick

bought a black friday deal , smart stick with 2 month cinema pass or so i thought , but no pass in box when recieveddid i imagine itemail confirmations just say your order number not what you actually orderedalso cant see anywhere a contact email for...

stick wall plug faulty

I ordered a Now TV Stick from the website recently, it works fine powered from the TV but not from the included 3-pin plug. I tried plugging in a usb cable to my phone and it too doesn't work. The plug is surely faulty - how do I go about getting a r...

devices Issue

I am trying to watch Now TV through a new stick and it is telling me that there are too many devices on the account even though we only have 2 sticks and a BT box connected but when I log into my account and view devices then it says I have 0 devices...

Resolved! Suddenly No Signal

Every thing has been working fine since I brought my Now stick a couple of weeks ago.Today I was watching a movie when all of a sudden TV  went blank because loss of signal.I went up stairs to my other TV which has a Roku stick and that was working f...

MJG1 by Scholar 3
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