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Why cant nowtv stick enter Roku

Soooo Why can't NowTV stick enter Roku. 

What I mean is why cant NowTV have access to the Roku device App/ channelstore. 

You can download Nowtv with a Roku Streaming Stick but not the other way round 🤔🤔

Also NowTV is ROKU POWERED so it cant be so hard to upgrade/download ROKU app so people could have a choice.

Same however with HISENSE TVs. I bought mine then 2 months later they brought out the new hisense roku tv. Why cant my TV update so I can have ROKU TV. 


anyone annoyed with this.????

And why cant the UK have access to US channel Apps yet. I thought technology was much better now.

Well I hope that now people have time on their hands these updates could be looked into.

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Legend 5

@Anonymous User NOWTV sticks having every roku app would defeat the purpose of roku having their own devices.


The NOWTV stick is a cheaper version so it won't have every app.

It is down to licensing as well, like how Sky partnered with Netflix to have the app on their boxes and on NOWTV. Also how they have partnered with Disney to get Disney+ which is also coming to NOWTV.



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