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What can I watch without a TV licence

Just cancelled my TV licence.We all know why.


Bought NOW TV installed as best possible. Can I use NOW TV without paying for passes.

As I am new at this and not IT savvy I would like to take one step at a time. I have filled in my bank details but at the moment do not want to turn on free passes.I just want to find out what I can watch with NOW TV and not have to pay each month.Is there content I can see that comes as a default content . I am frightened that I may view programms and get a man knocking on my door. I am 69yrs old and find this hard going to get sorted.


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Hi @Anonymous User 


Maybe has a starting point read these two NowTV help guide articles. 

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Hi @Anonymous User 


Maybe has a starting point read these two NowTV help guide articles. 

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At the moment I just want to know If I do not pay or use my free passes what content on the stick can II see. As mentioned I am new to this.


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Hi @Anonymous User 


After starting any NowTV free trials and you don't cancel the free trials before the seven days are up then the NowTV Passes will auto renew and you will pay a rolling monthly subscription until you cancel the active passes.


Suggest if you don't want to pay for the NowTV service that you cancel all free NowTV trials straight away.


With regards to not having a TV licence then steer clear on all live TV channels and the BBC iPlayer App, where according to the help article that i linked you still got to inform the TV licence authority that you don't need a TV licence (even if you cancelled it).


Perhaps somebody on here who has gone down the route of cancelling their TV licence will advise you what free third party Apps you can use safely on the NowTV Boxes or Stick without the TV detector Van people come knocking on your door.

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I only bought the NOW TV three days ago and set up. I am not sure if I have activated the 1months free passes yet. But if I do not use any passes at all is there some content on NOW TV that I can watch. I do not want to pay for passes.

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Hi @Anonymous User 


Go into My Account > Manage Account > My Passes whilst logged in on here to see if either you have started any free trials or if you have bought a NowTV Stick or NowTV Box that the voucher on it hasn't started.


Also go to My Bills & Payments which will give you an indication if any passes have started.


Then cancel any passes that are showing active or due for a future payment.


You should be able to watch any free trials or free vouchers during the cancel end period.


Because you have cancelled your TV licence don't watch any live TV channels on the NowTV service or third Party Apps that offers live TV.


Keep away from the BBC iPlayer App (full stop).


Like i said wait until somebody on here who has cancelled their TV licence, where they can advise what third Party Apps on your NowTV Stick or Box you can watch for free safely with regards to video on demand content without breaking the TV licence laws.


From my understanding All live TV on any App is a big no no (though i might be wrong because i have no experience not using a TV licence).


Reading the link that i posted on my first reply you need to complete the declaration form and send it to the TV Licence Authority that you will not be watching or recording any live TV channels if you have cancelled your TV licence.


Sorry i can't help any further because of my limited lack of knowledge not using a TV licence.


@Anonymous User @schnapps 


Schnapps, you are pretty spot on.


No live channels in any form, whether broadcast or via an Internet Player.


And ‘live’ means currently broadcast, so the guy who argued that because East Enders is prerecorded it isn’t live, is currently doing a short stretch in Pentonville. (Where he can watch East Enders to his heart’s content, with the Government picking up the licence bill....)


And nothing from the BBC iPlayer, live or catchup.


You want the BBC on catchup with no licence, get Britbox 😛

Set a Payment PIN on your account so that no-one but you can buy memberships on it.
Check your bank accounts monthly for any other unexpected payments to Now.
That way you can at least nip them in the bud, while you and Now figure out whose fault they are.
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Looking through App Store, this is what I think.  Happy to be corrected.

You can watch with no worries and no subscription

  1. UKTV Play (Dave, Yesterday, Drama)
  2. Pluto
  3. Red Bull TV
  4. Roku Channel
  5. You Tube
  6. Vevo
  7. Happy Kids TV/TV2
  8. Musiclouds
  9. Vimeo
  10. IGN
  11. Gemporia
  12. EWTN
  13. Divine TV
  14. TED
  15. CNet
  16. WSJ
  17. TWiT

You can watch with no worries and a subscription

  1. Disney +
  2. Netflix

You can watch and pay for movies

  1. Sky Store

You can watch catch up/on demand but NOT live channels and no subscription

  1. ITV HUB
  2. All 4
  3. My 5

You can watch catch up/on demand but NOT live channels and subscription

  1. Now TV

You CANNOT watch

  1. BBC iPlayer
  2. Sky News
  3. Sky Sports News
  4. Sky Sports Box Office
  5. BT Sport

Also there are a number of other channels on the App Store that may require additional fees.

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Also worth noting you can listen to BBC radio without a licence, even on iPlayer and watch S4C catch up.

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Also if you go beyond the Now TV apps, there are a few more options like


  1. Britbox (subscription),
  2. Rakuten (free + purchased movies),
  3. Freeview Play Catch Up - CBS & Horror Bites (free)
  4. Amazon (subscription, but there is some free content - avoid live sport)

all on my Panasonic smart TV.