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Scholar 2

We demand an UPGRADE......

.....back to the OLD software.


You know, the one that worked perfectly well before and really had no reason to change! 🙄


The new software hasn't worked properly since it was dumped onto our boxes and sticks, and frankly we shouldn't have to rely on workarounds just to get around the sub par rubbish that's been forced upon us. 😠






You know Lenturn


Unless you can get a campaign going, it is unlikely that Now TV will do a roll back, they have done one before, back when an update bricked most of their streaming devices throughout the country. However, they tend not to respond to any request that may interfere with their plans and internal policies.


Still, there is nothing to stop you asking for a roll back, in fact there are probably loads of forum members that would back your request, you just need to harness that potential and bring it to Now TV's attention.



UK Bob