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Using phone to provide wifi for now stick?

Hi, I've just purchased my first ever caravan and I have put a spare tv into it. I had used a now stick with this tv before so all the pairing has been done and everything worked while I was in my house. Outside, in the caravan, there is obviously no WiFi so my question is - can I use my phone data to create a hotspot and connect the now stick to that? 

This would be very helpful when I get to caravan sites. 


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I  cannot speak for the NOW TV stick itself as I have never used one. But I have successfully connected to other devices in the way you suggest. 

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Hi @Thaxted 


Using the NOW Stick with your smartphone and setting up a wifi hotspot will work.


One thing to bear in mind is that streaming NOW content will eat through your internet data and 1 hour of NOW streaming equates to roughly 1.5 to 2GB of Data.


Unlike the NOW App on your smartphone or tablet you can't reduce the quality of the stream to save data when using the NOW Stick.


Hopefully you have unlimited mobile internet data or a generous internet data plan from your phone provider.