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Unknown Page Error

So after the joy of failure to connect we now have the screen turning blue mid program and the message "unknown Page error" popping up.


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Surely it would help too, if Now TV recorded the status of errors under investigation

in a consistent manner? A status page, for example, rather than the

current approach, where there seems to be  inconsistency between

red bars, pinned posts and unpinned posts?


I think that the frustration surrounding these service issues is compounded by

the way they are acknowledged/communicated.

Anonymous User
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I keep getting this error too. More so today. Can’t watch anything properly. Hated NowTv since that silly update a few weeks ago and can’t even cast off the App like used to. Now it’s all by the remote. Why change things for? Is this issue ever gonna be solved. 

Anonymous User
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I just got this email at 1550.  How about you @Anonymous User ?


Thanks for your recent contact with NOW T

Hi, Thanks for your recent contact to NOW TV. We're sorry to see you've recently been having issues when using NOW TV on your Smart Stick or Box. We just wanted to let you know that our technical team have been looking into this and can confirm the issue is now resolved. Thanks for your patience whilst this was investigated. Happy Watching!

The NOW TV Team



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  • I just got this message too, desperately hoping it is fixed as this morning it was worse than ever!
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AND they've turned off replies to my fault thread. I replied asking for a refund for the past two weeks and got "message undeliverable"


So I suppose I now have to go through the whole difficult process again.


Way to keep unhappy customers pacified!

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@Anonymous User if I do that I do indeed get the old interface but it doesn't recognise me as having a sports subscription, so it's no help.




Well fellow NowTV watchers


Unknown page error strikes again, and I wasn't watching sports or anything like that I was just watching episode 21, season 2 of Blindspot when I got stuck down by that error.  A real sorry way to end an all night season 2 binge sesh, especially as I was watching on my smart Samsung TV.


Mind you, all during my viewing sesh, Now TV was playing up by freezing at random times and displaying those four spinning coloured balls. The last freeze up and spinning balls lasted longer than the previous ones, crashed the screen and turned it blue then errored out.  Had to turn off my TV for about 10 minutes to get my Internet capabilities back, don't know if I can blame Now TV for that but one problem did follow the other.


Anyway, I hope that Now TV is working on this troublesome problem, which seems to be affecting a wide variety of devices.



UK Bob

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this is being going on for weeks its the new ui software update now tv tech team said it was fixed bit its still not fixed

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @ukbobboy ,


it's a little diffrent for this error on anything other than Roku (NOW TV) devices, so it is being worked on and there will be an update to fix it but it's not quite ready yet.









Any update on when they may fix the error that we are all experiencing.  CS chat are useless and pretend they know nothing about it and its getting really really frustrating