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I have previously watched ATP tennis on Amazon and Discovery+ which was great because you could choose individual matches to watch live or full replay. This cannot be done with the new Now tennis coverage. You can only see daily coverage on Channel 445 of certain tournaments and therefore it is not possible to identify a specific match to record. Live streams are available but cannot be recorded so if you cannot watch live you have missed it. Selected replays are very limited and for example there are no replays of the current Rotterdam tournament. Get your act together and give the same service as Amazon !


@barry1 it seems you can only watch live. Occasionally a match shows up on the homepage of the Tennis channel for replay

As Sky Sports likes to say, It's Only Live Once 😄🤦


@barry1  Even worse, since new TV tennis channel started, when I tried to watch a match the other night, both Tennis channel and another channel were showing the SAME MATCH. Nothing else was available. Their coverage is chaotic. I don't know which tournament is on which channel, or when. Appalling service. Waste of money. I shall investigate bonus/ red button without much hope of getting other matches. US open coverage was pretty good with lots of simultaneous matches including on demand watching. I suppose we are too small a community to provide with a decent service.


@barry1 I am afraid that may be as good as it gets. When GAA was on Sky, the re-runs were not visible and I had to ask for the direct links on this forum.  You don’t get full replays of Premier League football, so unlikely tennis will be treated any better.

Amazon is far better for catch up when Premier League games are played.  They still have the December games available to watch again.