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Switching from NOW TV to Terra Firma Stations

Hi I have a NOW TV stick working with my Toshiba far so good???

The question is simply this how does one switch from NOWTV to say BBC1 or any other land based stations.

I/we are finding it quite frustrating when trying to carry out what of course should be a simple action viz pressing a few buttons either on the NOWTV remote and/or the Toshiba remote...Even switching the set off and on does not help as the Tv  returns to the NOW screen....

I am sure I/we am doing something kinda silly but whatever it is we cannot solve the mystery and are unable to accomplish this action, of course removing the stick from the rear of the set is an option but surely not exactly the way forward

Any advice and guidance will be most appreciated

Also and in passing somehow and inadvertantly  I have set up Sub Titles and again I am unable to find out how to remove them as before any answers please.????


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Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 


I don't own a Toshiba TV, but would have thought pressing the TV Freeview button or Source input button on the Toshiba Remote would work.


If the television screen is jumping back to the NOW Stick screen then maybe play around with the Toshiba CEC HDMI feature on the television menu and experiment within the NOW Stick Settings by disabling 1-Touch Control.


With regards to Subtitles on the NOW Stick go into the Stick menu Settings under Captions and either disable or enable it, then when you play some NOW content that is Subtitles supported press the OK button on the NOW Stick remote and when the information on screen banner pops up click on the bubble speech icon where you should be able to switch subtitles on or off.

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Hi thanks for your help however when I press the Freeview button a line(s) appear saying that I need to press ‘0’ for 3 seconds which would allow the HDMI setting to be stu having done same the set is still telling em that I am not connected Tv was/is already connected as I can receive NOWTV….or so I thought