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Stick won't turn off .

The new stick has installed ok , but when i press the standby button nothing happens and i have to unplug the power supply to turn the unit off  .

The remote is the voice activated version.


Any help would be appreciated .


Regards nodrog9065

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Legend 5

@Anonymous User  The reason the standby (or power) button on the stick’s remote doesn’t put the stick in standby is because it works to put the TV into standby mode, if you’ve paired the remote to the TV. If you do pair the remote to the tv, both the power and volume controls should work the tv. However, if you use a soundbar or amp for the tv sound, you can’t use the stick’s remote to control that.


Also, the stick will put itself into standby after a few minutes when the tv is in standby or powered off.

Anonymous User
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Hi Mark ,thanks for the reply, I thought perhaps I had a faulty rc. 

I have paired the rc to the tv and it works the sound ok but not the tv standby mode.

I'm not to concerned about that , 

Anonymous User
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Taped send to early ! 

Thanks again for the help .


Regards nodrog9065

The stick does not go into standby power consumption after a few minutes. It goes into screen saver mode but still consumes as much power. Even if you turn the TV off, if the stick is powered by the USB adaptor as recommended it still consumes as much power. Not very eco friendly.

Anonymous User
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Hi I had this problem in the living room Sharp LC- 40CFE522 TV..
So i tried setup from the start on my Bedroom LG TV.
what a difference power and volume works fine So you could try Another TV


@Anonymous User 


Lots of Sharp TVs use wireless rather than IR (InfraRed) remotes, for the same sorts of reasons NowTV sticks do - range, line of sight not needed and so on.


But the NowTV remote is a hybrid, with the controls that work NowTV devices wireless, but the controls that work TV On/Standby and volume being IR, because most TVs use IR.


So you often can’t work Sharp TVs at all with the NowTV remote.


For those TVs where you get partial control - volume but not On/Standby or vice versa - the trick is to lie to it when the music mutes and say No it hasn’t. This makes it try further remote codes, and when it mutes again, if it does, you may find you are on a set of codes that gives full control of both aspects of the TV.

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