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Stick with month sports- redeeming voucher problem

Saturday I bought a Now tv stick with month sports pass included.
I began to install it. The code appeared that I entered into my account on the computer.
I did not try to complete the process ( by clicking redeem voucher) as I did not want it to start till today. The Now TV stick continued to show "you have xx minutes to complete the process".

Sunday when I came to complete the process, I could not find any way to do so.
I had to redeem a sport day pass voucher that I already had (from my old white Now TV box, which now isnt supported).
My account is saying that the month pass is already active. That means I have two passes active at the same time.
I dont want the month pass started yet, not until later on, as I use Now TV only to follow my team on Sky Sports.
Can you please advise me?


ps I sent a similar message to the facebook page. I tried to use the chat option on Now TV website, but it didnt seem to function.