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Stick has stopped connecting to WIFI


wonder if anyone can help. 

We've had a NOW TV Stick since July and had no problems at all setting it up. Last night it just disconnected from our Wifi and I can't get it to re-connect. 

When it scans it finds the network but once I put the password in it says it can't connect. I've done a factory reset on the stick and that hasn't helped either. 

We have other NOW TV sticks in the house that are still connecting no problem at all. 



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Re: Stick has stopped connecting to WIFI

Hi @Wing1984 


What happens if you swap the non working Stick to another television where you said that the other NowTV Sticks that you own in your home works perfectly fine ?


Are you using the supplied power adapter that came with the Stick, just to see if it makes any difference if you are using power from the usb of the television.

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Re: Stick has stopped connecting to WIFI

@Wing1984  &  @schnapps   for Info



Hey Wing


Just a thought, you've had your Now TV stick since July last year, that means it's still within it's guarantee period.  


OK, if after following Schnapps suggestions the stick refuses to behave as it should then I strongly suggest that you swap it for a new one while it's still within warranty.



UK Bob



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