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Stick freezing after being on standby

Hi. I've had my stick a week. Everytime the stick goes into standby it completely freezes. They only way we can get it to work is by completing the hard reset and setting it up EVERY DAY. it is getting tiresome. I assume this is a faulty stick? How do get in contact to request another? Theres no telephone numbers on the site. 

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I find the stick just stops working every now and then. My remedy is to move it about a bit in the HDMI slot. I had a lot of trouble when i first got it but got better. This is really irritating and i cannot understand why you keep selling a faulty product. I have Broadband from you and that seems find but this stick is dodgy. I have used different HDMI slots but still just drops out. If this continues, i shall go back to Amazon though their box is troublesome too but i liked your choice of SKY programmes. You really need to sort out this product. Also, why is it so difficult to contact you as

i resent having to trawl through community responses doing the work for you. Terrible service.

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I've had NowTV for around 3 years and to be frank, I'm surprised it survives.
I started with the Roku Box as I switched from Sky to BT and they only had limited Sky Sports options.
I had lots of issues with the box on and off, but as I was in a 2 year contract with BT I put up with it as my only option of watching the football.
I switched to Plusnet TV a year ago and same issues so contact NowTV who pointed out that they had a new stick, so I was persuaded to try.

It is extremely frustrating, switching it on, and seeing the "oops somethings gone wrong..." screen freeze almost every time.
It's extremely frustrating having to physically get up each time to power up the stick using the reset.

So I contacted them in a moment of frustration around 6 weeks ago - no quibbles, they just said they would send me a replacement stick.
It seemed an acknowledgment that something was wrong with a batch.

I get my new stick, but with a power adapter this time. So I have it mains powered instead of USB point.


It makes no difference. Exactly the same. I switch on, it always goes to the "oops...." message and freezes.
I have found two ways to avoid. If you can catch the menu by pressing the up/down arrows before the "oops.." comes up, it can kick in before the freeze.

You can also let it freeze, then just sit and wait and within 5 minutes it will usually start working.


But it's a nuisance. It's not what you expect for a piece of technology you've bought, and then pay a monthly subscription for, unless it was a black market cheat on the cheap.


It's also quite frustrating that NowTV do nothing about this. It must be resolvable.


But I've decided when my Plusnet TV expires, I'm back to Sky in August. The other platforms all seem compromised in some respect and using NowTV to supplement them just doesn't work like an effective technical solution. More like a botch job.