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Stick cannot connect to server - solution

I am posting this as the NowTV help desk is so useless and it may help someone else. The help desk staff (never the same one twice) can only, it seems, read from scripts and have only a very basic understanding of networking - My stick would not connect to the Now TV account servers either through Virgin or BT broadband (using Dlink routers in both cases). The internet connection test always showed up OK, but the stick would fail at the point where it should have showed an account log in screen, with a message saying 'something went wrong come back later', and a sub message 'could not find available languages' I finally got a log in screen by connecting through an EE 4G SIM card, which is not a practical way to watch hours of TV (cost) Even after log-in with EE, if I changed the connection back to Virgin or BT, the stick would fail as soon as I tried to access content. I worked out that it must be something in the routers which was causing the trouble, and tried eliminating all port assignments and redirects, thinking that the stick was trying to use some non-standard port which I am using for some other purpose. But this did not work - I asked the help desk of course, but answer came there none. However, if you can get a log-in and then change the sticks internet connection you see the MAC address of the stick. If you have this and you can reconfigure your DHCP arrangements, you should be able to route the stick through a DMZ in the router. This is probably not much of a security risk - who cares if the stick gets hacked. Anyway this is what I did and it works fine. Don't know what was different from eliminating port reassignments and so on, but it works