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Sound issue with nowtv stick

Hi there 


I have had an issue with sound not working with nowtv stick. I have found a solution for me that may work for other people so I am detailing it here.

If your sound still does not work after factory’s settings initial installation then best to speak to nowtv about this 




if you install from factory settings and the sound is properly connected to your tv including the brand of your tv and it all works upon installing then follow these steps after that 


My problem was I found the sound was ok after installing but then stopped working when I switched my tv off to use another time. 

so this is what I found has worked 


Step 1 do the factory reset in the settings power menu on the nowtv stick - ensure the sound section does work at this step. Ensure your remote is paired properly and can use volume control on it.


step 2 go to homepage on nowtv and access a movie or entertainment programme on nowtv and watch it to check for sound or if no pass try another app but I haven’t checked this as yet.


if sound is working. Stop the programme and go back to homepage 


Step 3 keep nowtv stick in the hdmi port at all times. Only unplug the nowtv plug from the mains BEFORE you turn off the tv


step 4 turn off your tv either to standby mode or power switch doesn’t matter


Step 5 next time you want to watch nowtv stick - turn on tv first and go to hdmi channel you have for nowtv stick that is already in hdmi port 


step 5 then plug in nowtv plug at mains and wait for it to get to homepage. Don’t worry about offline messages it will connect to your already setup WiFi just wait and it will go to your homepage in about a minute or so.

step 6 go back to programme you were watching and play it and hopefully your sound is still there and working. 

I found that unplugging the nowtv stick before turning the tv off  And ensuring that you turn the tv on before plugging the nowtv plug in again kept the sound connection.


I don’t know about any other apps on nowtv but I hope this helps anyone who needed an alternative solution. 

Just a thought but my tv only has standby mode option so it may be something to do with this.