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Smart Stick

I have a now TV smart box if want to change to a smart stick when I activate it will my existing bundles be on it or will I pay twice r. How do I go about swapping over to stick from smart box. Also how do you set up to use on more than one device/TV as have never known

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Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User

If you wish you can have 4 devices on your account.

Where if you want you could use both the existing box and new stick on your same account on two different TV's in the house. 

When you set up your new stick, just use the same account details that you use on your box and then you can use your nowtv passes on both devices without paying twice. 

If you don't want to use the old box anymore, after you setup the new stick, then go into My Account > Devices on here and remove the box from your device list. 

Should you ever throw out or give away your old box if you don't want it any more make sure that you factory reset it to wipe your account details off the box.