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Sky Sports Box Office 50fps?



Does the Sky Sports Box Office app playback at 50fps? Interested to buy the PPV this evening but £20 for a less-than-perfect stream doesn't appeal.



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Elite 3

@Anonymous User I had a good search online and can't find any reference to the box office app being 50fps. The NowTV help page only states which channels available through their native app are broadcast in 50fps but it's only on selected devices. You could email the below address (ensuring no spaces) and ask them the question


skyboxofficesupport @


I have used the box office for a number of ppv events with varying results - from perfect playback to no picture or a juddery picture. On the occasions I wasn't happy with the broadcast I emailed Neulion (the third party who provide the stream) and received a full refund, albeit after some persistent complaining.

Elite 3

@Anonymous User having done more digging I'm not sure Neulion still deal with sky so here's an alternative email address


boxofficesupport @ (again you'll need to omit the spaces)