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Remote not pairing!



I've had my Now TV sick for a while, I've tonight had to reset my stick due to remote problems aswell as my stick not connecting to the internet.


I firstly tried pressing the pair button, then tried to unplug and left both items without power for 20 minutes (until the stick was cold)


I plug my stick in, replaced the batteries and still... nothing.


I then repeated step one (trying to repair the remote). Still nothing. 


I have now reset my stick, to this point it is now on the pair screen.


I've tried again. Nothing. I'm now sat with the pair screen on... nothing else.


Any help!! 


(I have tried to remove obstacles too)

Legend 5
Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 


The only thing i could suggest is switch off the power to both your Router and stick.


Restart your Router first and give it say 5 minutes to boot up & settle down, then switch back on your stick and hold in the reset button on the stick for about 20 seconds until hopefully you see the Lets Get Started message again on your television screen which means the stick has been fully factory reset.


Then when you go through all the setup procedure again when you get to the wifi connection on screen message and if your Router is dual band and offers you a choice of 2.4ghz & 5ghz on your SSID network name then try both frequency bands with the stick and smart remote.


Otherwise contact the seller you purchased the stick from and ask for a replacement or refund.