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Prompting a new code

I use a now tv stick and it froze so ive reset it but it wants me to enter a new code but i pay monthly and have already paid my subscription. I've logged on and it shows no payment info or a way to resolve this.

@Anonymous User 


Hi Jodie


You know, whenever you do a reset on your device you have to put in your user-name and password again, just as if you were doing it for the first time. You see, the reset action sets your device back down to zero, like it was brand new, and so you will have to register your Now TV stick again.


Personally, I do not like doing "resets" because I'm always worried that I may not have saved all the information properly that I used to register my device and so I only perform that function if I have no other choice.


Good luck.


UK Bob

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Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 


It sounds like you have factory reset the stick and on your TV screen it is showing a six digit code to reactivate your stick again against your nowtv account.


This is nothing to do with the pass that you have already paid for which should be still saved on your nowtv account.


If you see the six digit code on your TV screen and it says go to with your PC or Mobile browser, then follow step 5 from this help guide and when asked use your existing account details.