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Progress bar not working on nowtv box,nowtv stick or roku box please help

Progress bars no longer working so don't know what I've watched.This has been a problem for a few months now .Tried buying a now tv  stick but that is the same as the now tv box also tried roku box and that is the same.if anyone knows how to solve this problem that would be great.but if not I think I will just scrap my now tv devices and give up.

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Hi sorry can't offer a cure but you are not alone my box is the same 😡Although it is all ok and working on the app on my I pad bloody annoying but I have to check what episode I have seen by looking at the I pad   Not sure if you also have the issue that if you stop an episode midway then go back to it mine goes to about 5 minutes earlier than I stopped it so then have to fast forward to where I was