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Nowtv Boost 5.1 Dolby issue resolved - LG TV/Denon 3802 AVR

Hello all. I thought it might be useful to post the following having resolved an issue that others have seemed unable to.


I have a 2012 LG TV connected to my 2001 Denon AVR. The tv is connected to the Denon via spdif optical link as then Denon has no hdmi in.


Having upgraded to “Boost”, along with other reports I simply could not get the Denon to see a dolby 5.1 signal, the amp only seeing stereo and defaulting to Dolby pro logic 2 rather than true 5.1.  


The LG tv is set to “Auto” (rather than PCM) and other inputs decode fine through the tv with this setting.


The Nowt Tv stick Audio setting is set to surround  rather than stereo).


I went through all the hdmi out settings, i.e Auto, Dolby, Dolby /DTS but none worked.

Note that I avoided the Dolby+ setting as the Denon (allegedly) does not have Dolby+, however, in sheer desperation I set it Dolby+ and hey presto, The Dolby digital light popped up on the amp. I then found some films marked as 5.1 and all works as expected including the sub woofer responding to LFE signals.


Prior to this I spent two days trawling this and other forums, resetting the stick, logging the stick out and then back in again to no avail.


I am well pleased so hopefully this may be of use to others struggling with this.


Happy viewing!