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NowTv and stick

I have a nowtv box and I’m looking into getting the smart stick also for a different tv. Is the stick the same as getting a nowtv box so would class as an additional device? 


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Hi @ALinford 


The stick would be classed has another device, where you can register six devices to your account at one time.


When you setup the stick on your second television, just use your existing account details used on your current box, where you will be able to then watch the same passes on either TV's or two TV's at the same time.


Thank you that’s very helpful! 😁


@schnapps  @ALinford 


Hey Schnapps


I've been hearing on the Now TV telly adverts that you can now watch three devices at the same time, it that true or is this facility yet to be implemented?



UK Bob

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Hi @ukbobboy 


If you pay £3 per month extra for the NowTV Boost pass you get three streams on a single account instead of the standard two streams.


Apart from the above the extra benefit of NowTV Boost is 1080p and 5.1 surround sound and IMO where the Boost Pass comes into its own is 50fps for Sports where it is a massive difference in terms of PQ.


I’ve got the now tv freeview box which has become very slow was looking into the stick is it any good??

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Hi @36deedee 


I have got a couple of NowTV sticks in my cupboard draw that i don't normally use, where i tend to use the NowTV boxes (mainly 4K version) plus a Roku Stick + to be honest which in my opinion has better overall wifi performance.


The other advantage with the NowTV boxes (apart from the white box) is that you have the option of Ethernet.


Where practically possible i would always recommend Ethernet over Wifi. 



Hi @36deedee 

I have had the Now TV Smart stick for exactly a year now and for me it has been brilliant. Never had a problem with it so personally I would say yes. So glad that I bought it but at the end of the day it is up to you of course.