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NowTV Stick doesn't seem to work with Linksys Velop

Recently upgraded my router from a single standard Netgear router to a Linksys Velop mesh network router (WHW0303-UK). However, the connection to the NowTV server/internet on the NowTV stick is very very poor and often is it would complain that it has no connection despite telling me that the Wifi signal is excellent on the NowTV stick itself).


Which is such a contradiction.


The router node is right next to the NowTV stick - probably 5 cm away so I'm not surprise that the Wifi connection is excellent. But very bizzare that it seems to think there is no connection on the main screen or the NowTV app. No other device is the house have any issues connecting to the internet.


I've switched back to my Apple TV's NowTV app which sucks obviously. Anyone else come across a similar issue and have any idea what it might be that is causing this?

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Huge longshot I know but did you ever resolve this?


I've just bought a now tv stick and can't get it working with Linksys velop access points. Every other device in the house connects with great signal strength.