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Now tv stick

Hi, we stay away alot in a caravan off grid and was wondering before I ordered one if a now tv stick will work off 12 volts so I can turn my tv into a smart tv. I did see you could power it from the usb port but will it still work being 12 volts?



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Hi @Anonymous User 


The NowTV Stick runs on 5V DC 1 Amp power off USB.


Should your television have a 5V DC 1 Amp USB port then the stick should in theory have sufficient power.


You need be be careful where a lot of USB ports (especially on older or cheaper low spec televisions) will either have 0.5Amp output or the USB port is only used has a dedicated service input port for updating software via flash drive.


Not sure about Caravans or Mobile homes that run 12 Volt DC ?


If your television USB is not 5V DC 1 Amp rated then see if there is anything in the caravan market that offers a USB port with a constant 5V DC 1 Amp (perhaps somebody who has a caravan on the forum can advise).


The next stumbling block to use the NowTV Stick you need a stable internet wifi connection of 2.5Mbps where things like NowTV movies consumes about 1.5 to 2 Gb of data each hour when streaming from the stick (not sure about Netflix streaming in SD).


You can't download content on the stick from home and then playback remotely without the use of internet or using mobile data.


Also you don't get the over the air Freeview channels with the Stick, which i am assuming this will be covered by your TV & portable TV aerial.


Hopefully somebody who uses a mobile caravan can advise accordingly if what you are after can be done and if so what are the drawbacks etc if any.


If you are going to take a gamble (at your own risk) then maybe purchase the Stick from a retailer who offers a no quibble returns policy.