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Now Tv with work VPN on Router

Hi. I have been supplied a drateck router with VPN installed from my work so I can access my pc at home whilst working away. Standard setup these days I'm guessing with home working. After installing I've noticed that now tv (and all4 actualy) no longer works on my now and roku sticks.

I've tried support chat and email multiple times and got nowhere. Other than multiple resets and checking connection which is always fine.

Does anyone know if the presence of a VPN for work use could be the cause of this and of so how I could solve this?

Mentioned the work vpn to support and they just didn't respond.

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Hi @redchiz1 

Just thought I would throw Adblocking software on the Router into the mix, which usually comes up (not always mind) if you see a message something along the lines of "NOW is currently unavailable" .

From what I read on the internet All4 is also sensitive to certain Adblocking software where it's content will not play and just hangs there (not sure there is any error code or message with All4 if blocked).

Not being an IT guy I don't know if this has any bearing or not or it has already been looked into and isolated by @AndyFin .

With regards to manual DNS on the NOW branded devices or Roku devices, unfortunately doesn't offer this feature on it's hardware.

Sorry I can't offer an more input, because my IT skills are zero and every Router I have ever used was simply pug & play using the supplied Router from whatever ISP I am using at the time.

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No worries, the only reason I went into the realms of DNS is that this would generally be the way you could effect any blocking at a router level.


Not sure about Adblocking on the router I cant find anything in the router firewall settings which are all disabled. Ill investigate this further though.

as for DNS settings there is no dynamic DNS set on the router.