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I have purchased a NOW TV stick in Ireland. I have only just moved over here and before was in the UK and had a NOW TV account which I have cancelled my last pass on.

When I go to and enter my code for the new stick it asks me to log in or make a new account.

I cannot make a new account as my email address has already been used but when I log in it automatically takes me to the NOW TV GB account and not the Irish site. How do I fix this problem, any help would be appreciated.

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@DanOC If I've understood correctly you're trying to access NowTV's Irish website on a device (pc/laptop/mobile) that you've already used to access the UK site when you lived in the UK.


You could try accessing the Irish site by using 'incognito mode' in Chrome. 


If that doesn't work try deleting the NowTV cookies and cache from your browser.


I'm assuming that you're setting up a whole new account in Ireland with all your Irish details (address, bank card)?




@DanOC  @Saint1976 


Hi Dan


May I suggest you perform a factory reset on your stick, this will clear all user data and set everything back to zero.  From there, you can re-enter all the relevant information you need to get you going again.



UK Bob




As I understand your problem, you have a new IE stick in Ireland, where you now live, and you want to set up a new Irish NowTV account.


But when you try to create a new account using your existing email address, which you previously used in the UK, it tells you that account already exists, and when you log into it, it’s you old GB account, which you don’t want to use.




So the problem is that NowTV have not allowed for this situation, where GB and IE accounts should be entirely separate, and you should be able to have one of each, with the same email address,


But indeed, it’s not as simple as being in GB or being in IE, because of roaming; if you were roaming, NowTV wouldn't know which account you meant.


Might I suggest, since Gmail accounts are free and easy to come by, that you take out a new xxxx email address with them, and use that for your new IE NowTV account? It’s easy to have multiple email accounts, and the results aggregated, on tablet, phone or PC email accounts, so you wouldn’t miss any emails NowTV IE might send you on your just-for-them email address.

Please note that I am just a customer like you, and my advice may well be worth no more than exactly what you paid for it.