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Now TV stick problem connecting to the internet

We have various TV's in the house, all connected to Virgin with 2 Wifi extenders in the house too. 


The TV in my toddlers bedroom had a NOW TV Stick connected so they could watch Netflix, this has worked completely fine until today when it simply won't connect to the internet anymore. 


Today we have tried 2 different NOW TV Sticks but neither will connect to the internet on that TV - it is an older TV (NOT a Smart TV) & only has one HDMI port - but both sticks work fine in a different TV. I have put the wifi extender in the same (double) plug socket to make sure the signal is strong but nothing will work (laptops & phones all work fine in the room with the same wifi)

I was advised to log in the router but when I try log in online using the numerical password under the hub it's saying password incorrect. 


I have tried resetting the sticks (both using the remotes & pressing reset button on the stick) - at a guess I'm thinking the HDMI port as stopped working but can anyone advise anything else first as I really don't want to buy a new TV. 


Literally only use it for Netflix so I can usually get a shower in peace so if can't figure it out we'll have to put a DVD on instead lol 

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Hi @stvlsc 


To test the HDMI port on the kids TV have you got an external device such has an old DVD / Blu Ray player , Games Console that is Not a NowTV device which you can temporary hook up on the TV HDMI port to see if the HDMI socket is working fine.


Also if the TV is quite small and not heavy and can be easily removed from its current location, what happens if you take the TV to a room in your Home closer to where the Virgin Router is located to temporary test out the NowTV Stick with the Television in question to rule out a WiFi signal problem with the NowTV sticks. 


Tried a firestick, it's slow loading but it does connect to the internet though so for now they are happy watching disney+ so that means it's not a HDMI issue. 


Tried moving the TV closer to the router but the same issue. Will keep trying to reset the router see if that helps.