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Now TV app on Now TV Stick not letting me log in

So for the last week I haven't been able to log in on NOW TV on my stick... but only when I'm running through my now tv broadband?

If I connect the stick via my 4G wifi hotspot it gives me the option to log in and it's fine, it's just through my NOW tv broadband it doesn't work. I just click "sign in" on the 'my account' tab and it comes up with a red banner saying "unfortunately you can not sign in right now, please try again later". Has anyone else had this problem? I have reset both the stick and the broadband with still no avail! 

Legend 5
Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User

I have nowtv fab fibre and don't seem to have any problems with any of my nowtv devices accessing my account or playing content (don't own a nowtv stick mind).

Perhaps try going into My Account > Setting's & Pin's on here and switch off or try a custom setting in your Broadband Buddy, if that doesn't work try switching the power off to your router for about 30 minutes.

Last resort maybe try a full factory reset on the stick by holding the reset button for about 6 secs.

All the above are a bit of a long shot (i doubt it will work but worth a go i suppose), 


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Thank you I will try these. Forgot to mention on my fab fibre I also can't log in on my phone either but with 4G fine? I'm not sure what has happened as it was working fine before then just logged me out and now I can't get back in! Netflix works fine on the stick too...