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Now TV Stick makes TV flick off and on



My Now TV stick makes my Samsung 3D TV flick on and off for years. It's so annoying because it only lasts for seconds but it seems to be every time something gripping is about to happen in a show or film. Or if a football team is about to score. 


Apparently it's because 3D and 4k TV's require gold plated HDMI input, not the bog standard silver. 


I have an HDMI extender which is gold plated and hasn't made a difference.


Is there any sticks that are gold plated? Can't afford a TV that has Now built into it yet 😂


Oh is there a 4K version of Now TV installed in 4K TVs. I noticed Amazon and Netflix have 4K pre installed.



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@Anonymous User 

Have you tried to set the stick back to factory settings? This can often squash bugs on the system.


How is your NOW stick powered? Is it via USB adapter in a plug socket or USB via the TV? 

As for 4K, there is no chance of that right now, at best you’ll get 1080p thanks to boost. Which only got added just over a year ago. 

Also I am using a standard HDMI cable on my LG 4K TV for my Amazon fire stick.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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@Anonymous User gold hdmi cables being better or required for certain devices is a myth.


When you say the TV flicks off and on, what exactly do you mean? Does the TV actually power down, or does the screen just go blank for a few seconds?


@Saint1976  @Anonymous User  &  @gavs82008  for Info



Hi Guys


I just want to throw in a few thoughts and experiences I've had with similar devices mentioned in this thread:




Those tech myths are pervasive throughout the consumer tech market and are specifically aimed at the uninitiated purely to create a profitable sub-market within an overall market, e.g. gold plated HDMI cables, digital TV aerials, etc.  And, unfortunately, wherever there is profit to be made there will always be deceptive advertising practices.




The problem you are having with your Now TV stick is something I experienced back in the day when I owned a Now TV white box. And that is every few minutes my TV would blank out for a few seconds (possibly between 10 to 30 seconds) then come back on again. I concluded that the white box had developed an electrical fault and has now come to the end of is useful life.


You indicate that you've had the stick for years, I would suggest you ditch it and buy something else, for example the Amazon Fire stick, as advised by fellow forum member Gavs.


Hope this helps.



UK Bob




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Hi @Anonymous User 


Did the flickering start on the NOW Stick from day one or only over a period of time ?


I am guessing you have tried all the different HDMI ports on the television and if using a HDMI switcher box, then bypass it and connect the Stick directly into the television port.


Are you using the supplied power adapter plug that came with the Stick or a 5V DC 900mA USB port on your television to power the Stick ?


Would you be able to temporary test out the NOW Stick on another television to see if the flickering persists ?