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Now TV Stick Remote always dead.

So I've had the Now TV Smart stick for some time, I've also got the other devices which have all worked pretty well. However, I have had no end of problems with the Smart Stick. Its in a room that isn't used frequently, say couple of times a month. Whenever we need to use the device, I have to swap new batteries in, and sometimes, I have to re-pair the remote with the stick. It's a pain. 


I understand from the online chat that there are 'known issues' with the remote running down the batteries quickly, and I've pretty much just lived with it. 


In the past I've been able to use the Now TV app to work as a remote for the 'Smart Stick', but that no longer seems to work. The Stick doesn't appear in the devices list, no matter how long you give it. 



So my question is whether there is a fix to this problem? Is there a firmware update or something that I should look into? 


Alternatively, I have Chromecast devices so was considering dumping the switch to use the Chromecast instead.  But I've not been able to get my iphone to chromecast content. Having read into this, I hear that I need to register the Chromecast AND the iphone / ipad as devices with Now TV. Is that still the case? 


Please help, all suggestions welcome. 



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Hi @Nmpnmp 


Can't help with the NowTV Smart Remote with regards to the remote drains batteries really quickly.


The same is happening to my NowTV 4K box, where since quite a few software rollouts way back about 2 years ago the batteries drain far quicker then previously before when i first owned my box.


I have mentioned this on a few occasions to NowTV.


I find more expensive batteries last longer than the cheap ones that i used previously.


If you don't use the Stick that often, why don't you just remove the batteries and insert the batteries when needed.


A couple of people on the forum have reported problems using their iPhone with the NowTV App when using the App has a remote or casting to their Stick or Box.


I don't own an iPhone, but have you tried the Roku Remote App instead from your phones Apps Store to control & operate your Stick ?


With regards to casting to a Chromecast with a iPhone or iPad and two device slots on your account, then what i do is cast first to my Chromecast TV and then use the play button on my smartphone where by doing this the smartphone is not counted has a registered device (only my Chromecast TV would be registered has one of my six registered devices).


INSTALL on you phone "Roku - Official Remote Control" and control from your device. Works for both Apple and Android phone.