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Now TV Stick Remote Replacement

Where can I get a replacement NOWTV remote? I have looked on so many retailers but they’re around £40 I could get a whole new nowtv stick for that?

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Elite 3

NOW sticks are no longer made available directly from NOW themselves in the UK, although there are still plenty to be found from third-party sellers. A free alternative to the remote presents itself in the Roku app for Apple and Android and which will pair with a NOW stick and provide all remote functionality that way. 





Legend 5
Legend 5

@annamh if you have a smart phone, download the (free) Roku app. This will goive you full control of your Now stick or box.


This is your best, possibly only, option as the Now branded sticks/boxes haven’t been manufactured for quire some time.


Alternately, consider an Amazon Fire stick or a Roku stick.