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Now TV Stick Blue screen or pixelated shows

I have a Now TV stick with a Fritz!Box 3490 and Zen Inernet.

I'm either seeing a blue screen, or if I do manage to stream something it's very pixelated.

The stick wasn't seeing the 5GHz channel until I moved it to channel 36.

The router is next to the stick.

I did a factory reset, but still no difference.

No other devices have any issues, I can stream on my phone with perfect quality.

Any ideas?

Anonymous User
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From my 24 hours of experience the 'Stick' is a worthless piece of garbage, I have the same setup as yourelf apart from a different ISP & all through the F1 last night, it was pixelating & buffering, it's quite frankly a joke. After the race changed over to the Firestick & it perfomed faultlessly, so it is either the software on the 'stick' or the backend servers that can't handle the traffic.

Bought it from Argos will be looking to return it tomorrow if it's the same on some random live event tonight

Anonymous User
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Exactly the same issue, new ISP, and I was trying to watch the F1.

On a service I've paid for, on a stick I paid for.